Radnor Meeting members have been working with members of the local interfaith community who have been involved with hosting and caring for refugees. 
I-LEAD, Inc., the nonprofit organization was able to make an apartment in Bryn Mawr available rent-free. The family moved into the unit receently. Radnor Meeting members participated in furnishing and cleaning the unit and preparing food for the beautiful young family, a mother, her brother, and two young children ages 2 (boy) and 5 (girl). The family is energetic and joyful.  The family does not speak English yet and has many education, social and economic needs. Our Peace and Social Concerns committee is coordinating closely with the Mainline Refugee and Resettlement Committee along with I-LEAD, with support from the Nationalities Services Center, which has the contract with the federal government to support the resettlement of this family.