Meeting for Worship and First Day School, Every Sunday 10am

Radnor Meeting is now conducting Hybrid Meetings. You can attend meetings for worship online through ZOOM or at the meetinghouse.

You can access the ZOOM meeting through this link. All are welcome! The meeting gathers on Sundays at 9:45 am, and worship runs from about 10 am through 11 am.  Those who wish to attend in person at the meeting house are free to do so. As of March 13, 2022, onsite participants at Meeting for Worship and other events at Radnor Meeting are welcome to wear or not wear masks according to their individual discretion. We encourage all attendees in person to be vaccinated. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell. These guidelines will be updated as required by current conditions.

At Radnor Friends Meeting we believe that every person is loved by the Divine Spirit.
There are Quakers of all ages, religious backgrounds, races, education, sexual orientations,
gender and identities.
You are welcome to join us as you are. Dress as you feel comfortable.

Meeting Life

Inflation Reduction Act: Climate Questions Persist

Will government and technology lead us away from a climate crisis tipping point? Or is it up to ourselves, and the testimony of simplicity, to lead?

Links: Our Food, Our Climate, and Biodiversity Loss

We have been talking about the connection between our dietary decisions and what happens to the planet’s climate system. What about the interconnected link from our diets to struggling species?

RGGI and Why It Matters to Radnor Meeting

Radnor Monthly Meeting has supported Pennsylvania’s entry into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI; nicknamed “Reggie”), linking Pennsylvania with 11 other New England and Mid-Atlantic states in an ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by electricity.

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) presentation on Vanguard’s Big Problem

EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) presented on Wednesday, April 20th at Radnor Meeting on how Vanguard is driving the Climate Crisis.   They explained the links between large financial banks and the...

Potluck and Fellowship Food: Preparing Easy, Low-Carbon, Animal-Free Foods to Share  

Enjoy cooking? Eat "low on the food chain" and decrease emissions, land use, global deforestation and habitat loss. On the level of personal impact, divestment from animal products has more...

Upcoming Events

Forum: Dialogue Across Conflicts on September 11

We sometimes experience painful conflicts with loved ones, family members, friends, co-workers or members of our community. In the world we see that navigating such conflicts can be difficult, often...

Midweek Worship with Worship Sharing starts on September 6th

Under the care of our Worship and Ministry Committee, Radnor Meeting is reviving opportunities for midweek worship and spiritual fellowship. Our initial schedule will be twice per month, once via...

Main Line Montessori School is moving in!

Main Line Montessori School is moving into the newly renovated space on the Radnor Meeting grounds. It is very exciting to have a new group of children using the wonderful property for pre-school....

Help needed – Interfaith Hospitality Network on Sept 21

Radnor Meeting is hosting the Interfaith Hospitality Network/Family Promise families on September 21 at Wayne Central Baptist. We need volunteers to help prepare and serve the dinner. Please contact...

Radnor Meeting attending the Radnor Fall Festival on Sept 18th

Radnor Meeting will have a table set up at the Radnor Fall Festival on Sunday, September 18th on North Wayne Avenue.  Please stop by to meet some of our members and learn more about our...

Radnor Meeting Book Club meeting monthly

The men's group and the women's group of Radnor Meeting have joined forces to create a book club. Guests who make contact through a Radnor participant are welcome! The group will focus on books,...