Conscientious Objection Training – Jun 12th and 19th

This Committee is hosting a training session (of interest to 18-26 yr. olds) for how to register as a Conscientious Objector via Zoom, on June 12, 2021 from 10 am – 11:30 AM. Prior to this training session, registrants must complete a 4-hr. asynchronous training Zoom training session, the link to which will be made available to them. A second training session on how to advise and assist individuals wishing to become conscientious objectors will take place also via Zoom on June 19, 10-11:30 AM.
Individuals interested in the June 19th session must: a) attend the June 12 training session; and b)complete a separate 4-hr. asynchronous training session. Quarterly Meeting will pay for the costs of such training, with potential monetary assistance from PYM if more people than anticipated register for these sessions. Similar training will take place in the fall, for those interested who cannot attend in June.To register for one or both training sessions and the 4-hr. asynchronous sessions, and to receive the accompanying manual, please contact Winnie Shaw Hope at [email protected]

Radnor Meetings Carbon Net Neutral Working Group

The group to help Radnor Meeting be carbon net neutral has been meeting since the beginning of the year to develop strategies and plans to eliminate
or offset the greenhouse gases our meeting adds to the atmosphere.  We are currently talking about the depth and
breadth of the problem and why we are led by the necessity to work together to find solutions at our
personal, community, and national levels.
We are assessing our carbon impact by evaluating not just the fossil fuels we use to maintain our
buildings and grounds, but also the fuel we use to drive to and from our Meeting House and the food we
eat while there. We are exploring ways to reduce waste and efficiently reduce consumption where
possible. To this end, the property committee has had a specialist seal cracks and gaps in the
meetinghouse walls, windows and doors to reduce the electricity and natural gas we consume to heat and
cool our building.
On March 21, we presented a forum as an opportunity to learn more about climate change and what we
are doing at Radnor. More important, we wanted to provide an opportunity for all of us to discuss how
we are led by our Quaker values, as embodied by the SPICES testimonies, to take personal and
community action to stop climate change. We will next focus on the actions we are
taking and what else we could be doing to find solutions at our personal, community, and
national levels.

Radnor Meeting Participates in Gun Violence Prevention

Peace and Social Concerns Committee asks you to please join an interfaith gun violence prevention procession in Wayne on April 11 starting at 3:30 at Wayne United Methodist Church. The purpose of the event is both to honor those lost in gun murders and to demand stronger and more effective gun laws and regulations. We’ll walk less than a mile visiting four churches. The program will end back at Wayne Methodist United approximately 1 1/2 hours later. This program will be held under the auspices of the Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence organization, and participating churches include Wayne United Methodist, Wayne Central Baptist, Wayne Presbytarian and St. Mary’s Episcopal. The program will include testimony, music and prayer. A memorial to the 447 lost will be represented by a tee shirt display. There will be an opportunity for letter writing to legislators in support of sensible gun policy. Feel free to bring a sign: “No more gun deaths,” “End gun violence,” “Sensible gun laws” or along those lines.

Police Crisis: How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Heal and Move Forward?

May 16, at rise of Meeting
Sponsored by Peace & Social Concerns
Breck Taylor, PhD, professor of Criminal Justice, Temple University will lead us in a discussion about
policing in the United States. He will review the historical context and help us understand the roots of the
current crisis. We will explore the ways as Quakers and citizens that we can act as agents of change.

Pandemic Positives: Lessons for Our Community from COVID-19

April 18, at rise of Meeting
As individuals and as a community, we’ve experienced all kinds of distress and loss during this difficult
year of a pandemic. At the same time, there are ways we’ve learned, adjusted, and adapted that have been
truly positive.
Care and Counsel will facilitate an interactive Forum on April 18th so we can share beneficial ideas and
experiences from this past year as we prepare to transition forward. We look forward to you participating!
In preparation, please consider the following questions ahead of time. Then bring your thoughts to the
1) What have you learned from the experience of this pandemic year that has helped sustain or grow your
spirit as an individual and/or as a member of a community?
2) Have your personal or spiritual priorities changed in any way from this experience? If so, which of
these lessons would you like to carry forward and continue, including after the pandemic has resolved?
3) Which of these lessons would you like to see the meeting include as part of our communal life into the

How to foster connections and see that of God across differences – Sat. Apr 17

Saturday April 17, 10:45am-2pm with break for lunch
Radnor Worship and Ministry Zoom Retreat facilitated by Rebecca Mays
We will gather at 10:45am and begin at 11am taking a 30-minute break for lunch at 12:00 followed by an
further hour with opportunity to reflect after the close at 1:30pm. Zoom will be available throughout. We
hope to see you there!  Contact [email protected] for more information.