Harvest potluck dinner on Nov 13th at 5PM

On Sunday, 11/13, at 5 pm we will gather again with interfaith friends from this region through our collaboration with the Peace Islands Institute, hosted in our First Day School. The Peace Islands Institute promotes peace, love, respect, humanity, integrity, welfare, and understanding. It aspires to facilitate a forum of mutual respect and collaboration, welcoming and acceptance of varied viewpoints and voices with the intent to develop original and alternative perspectives on vital issues that our society is facing.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Margy Miccolis [email protected] / 610-902-0557

Forum: Dialogue Across Conflicts on September 11

We sometimes experience painful conflicts with loved ones, family members, friends, co-workers or members of our community. In the world we see that navigating such conflicts can be difficult, often leading to the cessation of communications, turmoil in relationships, pain, anger, hostility and even violence. The ability to open dialogue for ourselves and others in face of conflicts can create pathways to new learning and to deeper understanding. Dialogue is a foundation of conflict resolution, to building and maintaining loving relationships and to promoting peace. Yet opening to dialogue can be challenging, especially when conflicts emerge from different values and/or life experiences. This forum, facilitated by David Castro, will offer practical strategies for opening pathways to dialogue. David has more than twenty years of experience training leaders in dialogic approaches to conflict resolution and team building. The forum will start after worship services at approximately 11:20 AM on Sunday September 11th.

Humanity Rising! On May 7, 2-4 pm at Lansdowne Friends Meeting

Humanity Rising! On May 7, 2-4 pm, our friend Andrea Swinton is presenting “Humanity Rising,” a human-centered approach to resolving cultural and racial conflict and celebrating differences. 

In this two-hour session, you will become aware of and engage in a new approach to initiating, cultivating/building, and having any professional or personal relationship work for humanity and in turn for you. You will elevate your current level of awareness regarding cultural and racial differences. You will expand your capacity to see yourself in others and as others. You will see new pathways to create your environment as a workable one that embraces all of humanity.

Event information:

Date: May 7, 2022

Location: Lansdowne Friends Meeting, 120 N Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Time: 2-4pm

Masks are required at this event.

Registration will close when it reaches 50 participants.

The registration fee is $49.00. Click here to register.

May 1st – The Intersections of Quaker and Buddhist Wisdom in the 21st Century

On Sunday May 1st at 11:15 AM there will be a presentation on the intersection between Quaker and Buddhist wisdom.  Attend on-site or use the link on the home page to attend via Zoom.

This unique interfaith forum will explore the intersections of Quakerism with Engaged Buddhism. The two traditions share key features, e.g. silent practice, respect for one’s own experience as well as that of others, equality of all, peace, social justice, community life and freedom of conscience. The natural environment is also hugely important with the emphasis on simple living to minimize the impact on the world.

Our presenters will delve deeply into how Quaker testimonies and Engaged Buddhism’s Mindfulness Trainings shape the lives of today’s Friends and Mindfulness Practitioners and the impacts they can have on the world at large.