In the 1930s and 1940s, Friends engaged in a number of remarkable—and controversial—activities that were intended to provide assistance to people who were being persecuted by the Nazis. From today’s perspective, it seems clear that Quakers made a great many mistakes as they were trying to provide that assistance. Nevertheless, Friends’ actions did end up saving hundreds—and possibly thousands—of human lives.

This forum will provide a space in which we can reflect on the things that our spiritual ancestors did—and failed to do—as they responded to the catastrophic times in which they lived. It will be led by David Harrington Watt. David is a member of Radnor Meeting and also the Dorothy and Douglas Steere Professor of Quaker Studies at Haverford College.

This will be held on Oct 1st after Meeting for Worship (approximately 11:30AM) either on-site or using the Zoom link on the home page of the website.