On Tuesday, 10/24 at 7 pm we will meet over ZOOM for a dialogue about the film, “The Crying Game.” 

We wanted to be sure to let friends know that “The Crying Game” is rated “R,” with strong depictions of violence and sexuality that some might find difficult or disturbing. It is an award-winning film (including the 1993 Oscar for best screenplay). Director/screenwriter Neil Jordan has explained that his film explores themes involving the interplay of moral choice, moral growth and love within modern culture. Some commentary from contemporaneous  interviews with Jordan include the following:

“I do gravitate toward stories where people are struggling to find moral positions and where conventional morals no longer apply.” (Phila Inquirer 11/13/94)
“You think that love is the same thing as sex–and it’s not, is it?” (Time, 3/1/93)
“You always think your object of desire will fulfil your desires, but it’s always something else.” (Phila Inquirer 11/13/94)
“There is a tremendous comfort in the theological world: you are in touch with realms that you are not part of . . . . The characters in my work get changed because they come into contact with something beyond their universe.” (Phila Inquirer 11/13/94)

“I think films should be uninterpretable, to a certain extent. They should not be reducible to verbal explanations. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be films”  (in The New Yorker 12/7/92
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