Membership in the Post Pandemic Era” At the Rise of Meeting for Worship on Sunday, April 7, 2024

Care and Council Committee invites you to a forum about membership at Radnor Meeting. Please consider the following queries prior to the forum.

1. Why were you initially attracted to Radnor Friends meeting and which experiences most influenced your desire to become a member?

2.What is most important when thinking about your previous experience of becoming a member in the Radnor community?

3. How does a meeting community expand traditional membership to include those persons who can attend only remotely (via Zoom) for the most part? What factors might explain your continuing interest and involvement in the Radnor community?

Any questions call Margy at [email protected]

March 17 Forum: The Visionary Ecology of Early Quaker Abolitionists

March 17 Forum: The Visionary Ecology of Early Quaker Abolitionists

Cartoon of Benjamin Lay drawn by Vance Lehmkuhl

Benjamin Lay, by Vance Lehmkuhl

The Climate Action Committee introduces our guest forum presenter Vance Lehmkuhl on Mar. 17. 


March 17 is the day! Join us at the Rise of Meeting, in the Meetinghouse or via Zoom, as tour guide Vance Lehmkuhl leads our exploration.

Brush up on your Benezet,

Get ready for Benjamin Lay.

From the book and sword,

To an Earth restored,

These champions still show us the way.

Longtime Philly resident Vance Lehmkuhl, director of the American Vegan Center, is a former newspaper columnist, a cartoonist, a book author, and an active member of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides.

Vance designs Old City tours and cartoons that feature early Quakers, bringing their work for social fairness, radical simplicity, and spiritual clarity to contemporary audiences. Currently, Vance is developing a Philadelphia tour focused on Anthony Benezet…in French.

The Climate Action Committee of Radnor Meeting would love to anticipate your presence at this unique and engaging forum, happening Sunday March 17. Time: Approximately 11.20am – 12.20pm. To join, You can access the Zoom forum through this link. All are welcome! Or find the link from our home page to click through to the Zoom portal. 


Forum on Imagining an Abolitionist Future – Sunday, January 21, 2024

Forum on Imagining an Abolitionist Future, presented by Lillian Austin, Benjamin Lay Fellow – What does it mean to be an abolitionist? Historical abolitionist movements radically opposed human enslavement— and in our own historical moment, slavery still exists, legalized through the prison industrial complex. Join Lillian Austin this Sunday for a workshop that will walk through the history of Quakers in abolitionist movements and use it to guide a conversation about contemporary prison abolitionism and what it means for Quakers to imagine an abolitionist future.  JOin us after worship (about 11:30 AM) either in the Meetinghouse or on Zoom (use same link found on home page).

Quarterly Meeting for Business at Radnor, January 28, 2024 at 9 am

Radnor Meeting, as a member of the Haverford Quarter, which includes Haverford, Old Haverford, Merion, Newtown and Valley Meetings, as well as Radnor, is hosting Quarterly Meeting on January 28. It will start at 9 am, before meeting for worship. At 10 am (during regular meeting for worship) there will be a Youth Meeting: Melinda Werner Bradley will provide a demonstration lesson about George Fox from the “Faith and Play” curriculum in the Fellowship Building  (zoom technology not available). At 11 am Sheila Sorkin will review needs of aging members and attenders and the needs of their caregivers. She will present resources available through PYM.

Forum Exploring Vocal Ministry: Stop Quacking, Start Quaking Sunday, January 14, 202

Join the worship and ministry committee at the rise of meeting for worship in  exploring ways to nurture vocal ministry in our community. How do you know if you are moved by the spirit to speak or moved by ego? How do you know when a message is meant for the community or for you alone? Are you quacking or are you quaking? Come and explore the mysteries, the beauty and wisdom of vocal ministry.