Mid-Week Meeting for Worship

Please note that in response to Pennsylvania’s social distancing measures preventing the spread of coronavirus infections, mid-week meetings at the meetinghouse are suspended. 

view from roadAt Radnor Meeting we have organized a mid-week opportunity for worship on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8 pm. Like our Sunday meeting, the mid-week meeting is unprogrammed, meaning that the worship service centers on an expectant silence. The basis for this is the Quaker belief that each person has the capacity to know directly the will of God, without the interpretation of an intermediary.

Are you a spiritual seeker? All are welcome at Radnor Meeting!

The goal of our corporate worship is to enter the divine presence. The silence may be broken when a worshipper feels moved to rise and speak out of spiritual experience. Silence follows messages as Friends reflect on what has been said. Often other messages follow the first. It is possible, and quite acceptable, for a meeting to pass entirely in silence, but messages from the Spirit, through Friends, are the most tangible part of our worship together.

The meeting ends at approximately 7:50 when a designated person on the facing bench shakes the hand of a neighbor; all present then shake hands with their neighbors.

After Mid-Week Meeting for Worship,  Get To Know Us!

Immediately following our Mid-Week Meeting for Worship, anyone interested in learning more about Quakerism or about Radnor Meeting may stay for dialogue (and a cup of tea or coffee!) with a member of our Worship and Ministry Committee in our fireplace room in the meeting house. If you have any questions, we invite you to email us at [email protected] All are welcome!

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