The Peace and Social Concerns Committee presented a forum February 23 on “Taking Action to Protect
Our Environment,” attended by approximately 25 Friends and Attenders. Jamie Lockard and Burt Dallas
led the forum which focused on identifying ways in which Radnor Monthly Meeting and its members and
attenders can become more aware of environmental issues and take concrete action to improve and
protect our environment.
Burt noted that caring for the environment is consistent with our Quaker values, including integrity,
community, equality and stewardship. He cited as one important example and action each of us can take
is to consider eating a plant-based diet due to the massive resources required to raise animals for food,
especially cattle. Articles were provided highlighting these facts. For example, it takes 660 gallons of
water to produce the beef in one hamburger.
Jamie then led us in breaking into four sub-groups to discuss addressing environmental issues at
concentric levels: (1) individually, (2) at the Meeting level; (3) locally (township and county); and (4)
nationally and globally. Each break-out group brainstormed about ideas and items for action. The entire
group then reconvened and reviewed the thoughts and ideas submitted. A common theme that emerged
is that members of our Meeting want more information and resources to educate themselves about
environmental issues so they can act. Those at the forum strongly supported updating the Meeting
website to have more information and resources about the environment and actions we can take. We will
discuss the suggested items for action at the next meeting of Peace and Social Concerns and hope to be
returning to the Meeting with plans for further action in the near future. We appreciate everyone’s
enthusiasm and support at the forum, and especially thank Jamie, Burt and Steve Olshevski for their hard
work, insights and energy in preparing for this forum and leading our environmental efforts. We hope
this will be an ongoing commitment of the Meeting.

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