EQAT (Earth Quaker Action Team) presented on Wednesday, April 20th at Radnor Meeting on how Vanguard is driving the Climate Crisis.   They explained the links between large financial banks and the investments that drive Climate Change, with Vanguard being a major investor in fossil fuels. That same week, EQAT conducted their monumental week-long march from Chester PA to Vanguard Headquarters in Paoli to draw attention to this issue. 

EQAT has been an iconic Quaker Group that embodies our values through direct peaceful action.  Since their founding in 2010 by George Lakey and other committed Quakers they have focused on direct action campaigns that connect the changes we need to make in the world with those Corporations that can make those changes.  After a 5-year campaign, EQAT convinced PNC Bank to stop funding the environmentally devastating mountaintop removal mining practices in West Virginia.