DSC05732In unprogrammed Quaker meetings, there being no paid clergy, the clerk and assistant clerk are resources for general information and overseeing that meeting business is handled. Much of the work of the meeting is done in committees.

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Peace & Social Concerns Committee
The Peace & Social Concerns Committee educates the meeting community on matters relating to our peace testimony and on Quaker witness in our community and the wider world. An outgrowth of Peace & Social Concerns, Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), coordinates our work with other congregations on the Main Line to help homeless families.

Outreach/Fellowship Committee
The Outreach/Fellowship Committee works on increasing our visibility in and connections with the surrounding community. They also provide refreshments each First Day, as well as the monthly Fellowship lunch.

Landscape and Grounds Committee
The Landscape and Grounds Committee takes care of the physical plant of the meeting, scheduling routine tasks (mowing grass, shoveling snow) and periodic clean-up days.

DSC03027Property Committee
The Property Committee is responsible of the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings.

Library Committee
The Library Committee sees to the stocking and maintenance of the meeting’s library.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee nominates members and attenders to positions on the other committees, presenting its recommendations to Meeting for Business for approval.

Care and Counsel Committee
The Care and Counsel Committee assumes leadership for the pastoral duties of the meeting, seeking to help members and attenders who need support.

Religious Education Committee
The Religious Education Committee supervises the First Day School activities for the meeting’s children.

Worship & Ministry Committee
The Worship & Ministry Committee is responsible for the spiritual direction of the meeting. Its members deal with concerns relating to the quality of Meetings for Worship, the vocal ministry, and other manifestations of the spiritual life of the meeting.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee tends to the financial business of the meeting, preparing an annual budget and overseeing the expenditure and replenishment of the meeting’s monetary resources.