Radnor Meeting will hold a Forum on Sunday, March 1 at 11:30 AM on the topic of Mass Incarceration, presented by Jondhi Harrell. All are welcome to join in us in the Meetinghouse for this important discussion.

To learn more here are some of presentations and radio appearances with Jondhii Harrell:

Topics Jondhii Harrell presents on include:
• Mass Incarceration Causes  History & Solutions
• Dissecting the Black Lives Matter Movement
• Black on Black Crime/Economics & Mass Incarceration
• The New Underground Railroad/ is your congregation ready to be Conductors?
• The Politics of Murder/Community & State Sanctioned
• Grooming Black Children for Prison/At-risk Youth & Children Of Incarcerated Parents
• Why Criminal Justice is a joke in America
• Can Collaborating Communities be built across Religious Boundaries?
• If Restorative Justice works/ Why don’t we use it in America?

Jondhi Harrell is the Executive Director at TCRC | The Center for Returning Citizens

Jondhi Harrell